Drawing on over 10 year’s industry experience, Independent Design House (IDH) is pleased to offer a comprehensive scaffold inspection service to clients. 

We provide a thorough seven-day scaffolding inspection in accordance with the Working at Height Regulations, 2005. 

Responding to huge industry demand for an inspection service which fully complies with SG4, and a shortage of accredited personnel available to undertake this type of work, IDH’s scaffold inspection service is carried out by an experienced team. 

Our service is designed to address the conflict of interest presented by a company erecting a structure and carrying out its own scaffold inspections. Using IDH for audits and inspections offers complete peace of mind for all parties. 

Our service provides: 

  • Mandatory weekly scaffold inspections 
  • One-off inspections 
  • Independent scaffold inspections 
  • Anchor Tie Pull Out Testing 
  • PASMA aluminium tower inspections 
  • Advanced design structure inspections 
  • Incident and accident investigations. 

IDH can also give expert advice on access solutions. 

The service ensures that all scaffold structures meet appropriate safety standards before first use, and are inspected at intervals of no more than seven days until the scaffold is dismantled. 

We inspect structures:  

  • After high winds and other extreme weather conditions 
  • After events likely to affect scaffold strength and stability 
  • After any substantial additions or alterations 
  • After unauthorised or third-party interference 

All audits and inspection reports will provide detailed information, complete with photos, regarding remedial works required within an appropriate timescale. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Senior Scaffold Engineer, Mat Ward, on matw@Idh-design.co.uk or via our office email Info@IDH-Design.co.uk for a quote or to discuss availability.