Façade Retention Design

Façade retention structures are increasingly common, and in many cases necessary to commence construction or reparation works. Here’s everything you need to know about them.


Back-propping of RC slabs during construction is often neglected or misunderstood in the civil engineering industry. Regrettably, many permanent works designers still consider the subject as not relevant and a contractor’s issue.

System Scaffold v Tube and Fitting Scaffold

Generally speaking the scaffolding market place is divided in to two approaches to provide access and support to work activities.  Firstly, what is widely known as Tube & Fittings and secondly System Scaffolds.  Both applications are in wide use in the UK and both...

Working Platforms For Tracked Plants

Piling mats are a working platform used for construction plant such as piling rigs or mobile cranes. They provide a stable base on which plant can safely travel and operate. The term working platform is restricted to ground supported platforms constructed of granular material.