Independent Design House Ltd

IDH To Reward Our Best Customers With Variable Charging

IDH are always keen to work with the best Contractors in the industry and we have developed some excellent relationships based on trust, transparency and our ability to deliver complex schemes on time and budget.

To reward these customers, we are introducing new variable charges which are designed to give our customers the maximum choice in how they approach their schemes. Our discount schemes are designed to reward loyalty for returning customers and offer enhanced discounts for those who pay promptly.

  • Spend over £4k per month with us and you will automatically receive a 10% discount.
  • Pay within the payment terms and receive a further 5% discount.

Spend £4k a month and pay on time and this could amount to a 15% discount!

IDH also recognise everybody wants their scheme back tomorrow - now it can be! With our return time banding policy we offer different rates depending on how urgent your scheme really is.

  • Band A: 1-2 days ~ premium service rate
  • Band B: 3-5 days ~ normal planned rate
  • Band C: +6 days & take it easy and get back to us when you can…

Now you can have some certainty about when you will get your scheme back. For those jobs which really are urgent our premium service is the one for you. If you have a large scheme with multiple phases then maybe the premium rate is needed to kick it off, the next phase might be required in a few days and the rest of the scheme can fall into band C and you get the discount without even trying!

If you’d like to switch to our variable charges contract or see if we can be more competitive than your current supplier then contact us today.