design optimisation checking service

Independent Design House is built on expertise: we know how to deliver construction and engineering projects safely, efficiently and on budget. If you choose our Design Optimisation Checking Service, we will analyse, assess and enhance project planning on your behalf.
Limited availability of materials, long procurement times and rising costs are now a fact of life – we all have to find intelligent ways to minimise the impact they have on our business.

We can work on isolated areas or the entire project to identify potential savings on materials, reduce waste, cut down re-bar content and optimise connections throughout the procurement and construction phases, are just a few examples of what we can provide.

optimisation can

  • Cut down total cost of construction materials
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Simplified construction methods
  • Help for you to plan for a low-carbon future in line with government targets

we provide

  • Evaluation of your existing design
  • Esurance of constructability
  • Guaranteed full environmental compliance
Health and safety is paramount. We work to eliminate all potential risks and hazards, ensuring all of your equipment is erected safely.

We provide a 360-degree assessment of the environmental impact of your project and set out a proactive sustainability strategy to make your construction project as green as possible.

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