Geotechnical Design Service

We are often asked to design geotechnical solutions for various ground conditions to suit the user’s temporary and final requirements. If we are faced with difficulties along the way – such as problematic ground conditions, sensitive environments or ambitious projects – we provide a durable, economic and fully engineered solution.

With unique experience in the fields of both civil and structural engineering and temporary works engineering, we are able to provide comprehensive design solutions.

Our geotechnical expertise underpins work on projects from building design to infrastructure for energy, water, mining, rail or highways.

We provide

  • Interconnected ground engineering skills
  • Economical and practical answers
  • Modern construction techniques, materials, computational methods, and sophisticated software

So, if you’re looking for a ground stabilisation solution, an earth retention system, checks on excavation slope batter requirements, or any geotechnical requirements, then do speak to us.

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