Independent Design House (IDH) is a global engineering design consultancy which offers innovative and professional temporary works design services and comprehensive engineering and construction industry training services. Our team is made up of over 40 qualified engineers, and we work on projects worldwide, offering end-to-end services.

With offices in the UK, Ireland, Poland and the Middle East, our fully qualified, civil and structural engineers work to deliver projects efficiently, safely and on budget. We assess, define, analyse and design the most complex and demanding temporary and permanent structures, drawing on our experience in structural engineering and temporary works. 

We work closely with sub-contractors, main contractors, developers and home owners to provide solutions across a full scope of construction projects. We offer design, design checking and independent advice for all your temporary works requirements and have gained industry confidence by providing economical, safe and practical designs.  

Through our extensive experience, we understand the importance of providing engineered solutions that do not compromise the integrity of the permanent works. Our designs focus on integrating with the planned phasing and optimising H&S, labour, plant and material efficiency. 

Having worked on some of the largest and most complex structures in the UK and globally, we are experienced in working collaboratively with clients on projects of all scales.

For further information on our global offices and the specialist construction services they provide, please see our dedicated offering for IDH Poland and IDH Bahrain

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