Independent Design House Ltd
Providing scaffold, formwork & temporary design Providing scaffold, formwork & temporary design Providing scaffold, formwork & temporary design Providing scaffold, formwork & temporary design Providing scaffold, formwork & temporary design Providing scaffold, formwork & temporary design

IDH, the Independent Design House

IDH was incorporated in July 2011 and established to provide specialist Scaffold DesignFormwork Design, general Temporary Works Design consultancy.  Following rapid expansion with our innovative way of working, we recognised the need to develop additional services so launched our sister Structural Design company, IDH Consult, and installation and construction company, IDH Build.  The now international group of IDH companies operating in the UK and Poland is truly a one-stop shop serving Sub-Contractors, Main Contractors, Developers and home owners for all of your Design and Construction requirements.

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Design Services

With a background in Civil & Structural Temporary Works Engineering, our team offers professional Chartered Engineers who can competently assess, define, analyse and design even the most complex and demanding temporary structures.

Since estabIishing IDH we have already gained industry confidence through our professional approach and have worked on some of the largest and most complex Scaffold Design, Formwork Design and Temporary Works Design structures in London and the Southeast.

Installation Services

With our background in design we have established our sister construction company IDH Build, to provide specialist construction for projects which are defined by complex and specialist Temporary Works.

IDH provide a one-stop shop for the design, supply and installation of complex temporary works and general construction associated with projects such as façade retentions, basements, open-plan structural alterations and large additions to existing buildings.  Our site team is lead by a qualified engineer ensuring we can react to unforeseen site conditions, revise designs instantaneously and think on our feet to deliver an efficient, timely and professional engineer lead approach to contracting.

To support our professional approach naturally we adopt a comprehensive internal quality control procedure to ensure all designs are prepared, presented, checked and distributed in accordance with industry standards and our ISO 9001 accreditation. In addition to this, we embrace CDM and H&S design regulations and have a zero tolerance approach to non-compliancy, poor workmanship and dangerous site installations.

IDH Mission Statements

“Deliver what we say” - we won’t commit to programmes we cannot deliver.

“Discount by Design” – through equipment optimisation, standardisation and rationalisation we will reduce deliveries, minimise labour resource and maximise labour productivity.

“A tidy site is a safe site” – we are keenly aware a site which is tidy and un-cluttered often returns the best productivity results and lowest H&S incidents. We embrace this philosophy with un-cluttered, methodical, clear and concise well presented designs.

IDH are competent design specialists who can confidently interact with all parties in the design and site process offering guidance and practicality with full client / contractor interface.