Independent Design House Ltd

Formwork Design

With a strong background in formwork design, our team at IDH have developed a reputation of delivering efficient and clear formwork designs in some of the leading industry proprietary systems such as GASS, Titan, Logik, Doka, Topec , Cuplok , MKII and RMD.

In addition to proprietary systems we are also specialists in traditional formwork solutions in timber and feature finished structures such as tie patterns, ply layouts and fake features.

IDH are pleased to offer the following formwork design services:

  • On-site Surveys, meetings and proposals
  • Formwork Design Drawings
  • Design Calculations
  • Reinforcement Detailing
  • Slab Formwork Design in Gass, Titan, Topec, Aluma, DuAl and Acrow
  • Wall Formwork Design in Logik, Doka and traditional Soldier systems
  • Climbing & Jumping Formwork – Multiform.
  • Bridge Parapet Brackets – Multiform, MKII & RMD
  • Traditional timber formwork design – Bridge Arches, Wall Shutters and Soffit Structures
  • Feature Finishes – tie holes, ply layouts, form liners and fake features
  • Concrete Pressure and allowable Rate of Rise analysis
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Back-propping design
  • Site inspection and permit to load assessment
  • Phasing & early Striking Time analysis
  • Material scheduling and quantities

Taking direction on phasing and preferred equipment use, IDH engineers compile formwork design drawings offering clear and efficient utilisation of equipment while adhering to structural loading and deflection restrictions.

Naturally, all designs are accompanied by calculations to demonstrate product or design compliancy.

To optimise efficiency, minimise labour and hire, IDH will always look to design with customer available equipment and re-sequence its use within the overall scheme where programme and suitability permit.

Concrete Formwork

IDH offer concrete formwork services including temporary and permanent concrete formworks.

Formwork functions as a temporary or permanent mould to keep concrete (or sometimes other materials) in place whilst construction takes place. As well as creating compliant formworks, IDH also offer concrete pressure & allowable rate of rise analysis and concrete mix design.