Introducing Graduate Engineer, Tunji Springer.

November, 17th 2022

We have a new face on the team and are thrilled to introduce our new Graduate Engineer, Tunji Springer, who has joined our Maidstone office. Showing great potential, Tunji has quickly become an asset to our team.

Today we caught up with Tunji to learn more about why he chose a career in engineering and what made him decide to apply for a role at IDH.

Why did you choose to study Engineering?

“As the son of two surveyors, I’ve been around construction debates at the dinner table and have had construction textbooks lining my household bookshelves since I was a young adolescent. I’ve had an avid interest in investigating the breadths of maths and physics and honed this passion into the understanding of structural analysis and mechanics. I found the ability to derive quantitative solutions that could be understood globally – irrespective of language – used to shape our surrounding environment to be worthwhile. I am continually challenging myself to think beyond empirical theories and instead produce sustainable solutions.”

Why did you decide to apply for the graduate engineer role at IDH?

“I chose IDH as the company in which to begin my professional career as it boasts a wealth of employees that can be considered experts in their respective disciplines through professional qualification and/or extensive industry experience. Focusing on temporary works design, I believe working at IDH gives me with opportunity to challenge myself to compose innovative solutions in accordance with the demands of a planned scope of works, whilst collaborating with specialist colleagues in meeting project deadlines and constraints.”

What do you enjoy most about engineering?

“I’ve found that a typical working day of an engineer never seems to be completely the same. Whether that be expanding on a previous design revision, going out to site to complete a site investigation or familiarising yourself with innovatory concepts; every day seems to bring a new challenge for a designer to overcome. This continual commitment is also supported by the competencies required to attain further professional qualifications that reward and highlight the dedication to the Industry (i.e. chartership). I enjoy engaging with expert colleagues to achieve practical and economical solutions that adhere to project constraints.”

What do you find most challenging about engineering?

“Having completed multiple engineering projects at university and internships at a few design consultancies, I’ve found that preparing to meet project deadlines can evoke a fast-paced working environment that examines an engineer’s ability to critically evaluate and utilise engineering judgement efficiently. I think a typical challenge arises when an engineer has to test the practicality of an idea as this involves holistically identifying potential constraints and feasibility of our own proposed solution.”

What is your dream engineering job?

“Completing my engineering chartership and thus highlighting my competency as an engineer would be a key career milestone. However, attaining this globally recognised qualification would enable me to travel and work across the majority of the world and whilst I was lucky enough to grow up in an economically developed country (the United Kingdom), I would love to utilise my engineering knowledge to develop and help those in less economically developed countries to improve their own quality of life and standards of living in their own domestic communities.”

It was great catching up with you Tunji and we are so excited to follow your engineering journey at IDH Maidstone.