Our Tekla draughting capacity

Tekla is a powerful structural BIM software. It allows engineers, designers, detailers, fabricators, contractors, and project managers to create, combine, manage, and share information with remarkable efficiency at every construction stage.

It’s important to remember that a BIM system is only as good as the person operating it. We are a team of highly skilled structural and architectural designers and can provide steel detailing for commercial, industrial, residential and transport sectors, co-ordinating both architectural and engineering schemes.

We offer bespoke fixed lump sum quotes or dedicated (remote work) resources that work directly for the customer, or any sort of hybrid/tailored offering. We take pride in our work and have expertise in:

  • Understanding Tekla Structures inside out.

We are BIM level 2 accredited and know how to maximise the potentials of systems such as Tekla Structures.

  • Knowing exactly what on-site teams need.

We provide a range of drafting services, producing general arrangement drawings for project teams and fabrication drawings for manufacture. We can export these designs in DXF, DWG, PDF, Fabtrol, MIS formats and more. Our designs include NC data, bolt lists and material lists. IDH produces plans, elevation, bending schedules and isometric GAs to support project teams and site operatives.

  • Guaranteeing every stage of your project is covered.

Our 3D modelling service identifies potential clashes and constraints that may be missed using 2D systems. We can produce models for development schemes, surveys (including point clouds), clash checking and tenders.

Why Tekla Structures (BIM) is important:

  • You can visualise what’s being built.

The game-changing software allows us to walk clients through the building prior to manufacture. By doing so, changes can be identified quickly and accurately.

  • It’s a smarter way to design.

The software reduces errors, coordinates designs and speeds up the design process, even on the most complex projects.

  • There are effective outcomes.

By using Tekla Structures and identifying problems at an early stage, we are able to avoid costly on-site rectification and provide more sustainable outcomes.

Reach out to our helpful team for a quote or to find out more about the services we have on offer.