Steel Connection Design

We can produce connection design from initial conception or work with other parties (e.g. architects or other consulting engineers) to provide a full design service.

We can provide loading assessments or work from information provided to offer full supporting calculations and drawings, following standard (industry guidance) design approach or by FEA analysis, and always to the latest approved codes of practice.

Connection design is often a very important part of the wider design requirements and can be overlooked so think carefully and speak to us about any connection requirements (for any materials) that you may need support with.

We offer:

  • Connection Analysis
  • Moment, Apex and Base Plates
  • End, Gusset and Stiffener Plates
  • Beam to Beam
  • Beam to Column
  • Column Bases
  • Bracing
  • Bolted or Welded Splice Connections
  • Steel to Concrete Using Anchor Fixings
  • Truss Design
  • Gable Wall End Plate