Temporary Works Management

Why are Temporary Works important in construction?

Temporary works are an engineered solution and are as important as permanent work. During construction work, as part of the structure will be compromised, it is crucial that a strict installation process is implemented – we keep a firm focus on risk prevention and mitigation with temporary works. IDH always follows strict procedure, ensuring that those working on the site, as well as the general public, are at no risk of injury and that accidents are avoided.

Temporary Works

A pivotal part of any construction project, temporary works are needed to allow permanent work to be built both safely and efficiently. Once building work is complete, the temporary works are removed. A few examples of temporary works that IDH specialise in are scaffolds and formwork.

According to BS 5975:2019 (the code of practice for temporary works procedures) temporary works can be described as either:

  • providing an “engineered solution” that is used to support or protect either an existing structure or the permanent works during construction,
  • to support an item of plant or equipment,
  • the vertical sides or side-slopes of an excavation during construction operations on site or to provide access.

Formwork Design

Formwork design is the process of creating a temporary mould. These moulds are traditionally made using timber, but can also be fabricated from steel, glass fibre reinforced plastics and other materials. Formwork is needed by all contractors who are responsible for the construction of concrete structures. The importance of formwork cannot be overstressed as it is directly responsible for the final appearance, accuracy and integrity of the finished, hardened concrete structure. The procedure requires the highest of quality in workmanship and inspection to ensure results are of optimum standards.

Scaffold Design

Scaffold design is a temporary structure that is used to support work crew and materials in construction.  It is important that scaffold design is customised to each project, with its exact details kept in mind. We offer scaffold support and design expertise, ensuring projects are well planned, safe and fit for purpose, right from conception through to installation and removal.

What we offer

At IDH, we specialise in temporary works design consultancy. We offer solutions across an extensive range of temporary works including largescale engineering projects to commercial schemes and domestic properties. So, no matter how big or small your project is, we have you covered.

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IDH is highly experienced, have been providing temporary works designs for more than a decade, and have over 40 dedicated, expert engineers. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on how we can support you.