We’ll always focus on delivering accredited training to our team at IDH. Industry talk is no longer about emerging from these unprecedented times, but about how we keep adapting to accommodate them. There are many internal areas it would be easier for a business to overlook during challenging periods – some of which our MD Ian Fernandes-Johnson discussed in his 2022 predictions article for Business Leader magazine. But training shouldn’t be one of them.

Starting with our Apprentices

A firm focus for us at IDH throughout 2022 is making continual, accredited training available to all our staff. This starts with our Apprentices – we are currently in the final stages of recruiting two Level 3 Civil Engineering Technician Apprentices to be based in Chorley, Lancashire. As part of the placement they’ll be examined by Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and they’ll also become members. That’s something they’ll hopefully find invaluable throughout their careers.

Our staff

For our wider team, we keep on top of training by setting targets and monitoring them regularly. Busy periods shouldn’t be a reason to pause training schemes, so we’ve set systems in place to allow for this. The ICE employer training scheme we use improves essential skills and also rewards our staff with a professional qualification.

Further training we’ve already introduced includes AutoCad training; supporting all staff in producing accurate, to-scale 2D drawings. Our training is managed by the senior team, including Michal Rzaski and Anthony Kenmare.

Construction industry training

We also provide a full range of construction industry training, including CITB-accredited courses. Our temporary works training includes the Role of the Temporary Works Coordinator (TWC) and Temporary Works Supervisor (TWS) courses, for instance. You’ll find full details of the training courses we run for the construction industry on our website.


We’re proud to display our ICE training certificate. If you’re interested in a position that offers continual industry training, please keep an eye out for our career opportunities on our IDH LinkedIn page here on our IDH blog, or contact us directly via our dedicated email account: vacancies@idh-design.co.uk.