We take pride in our team

At Independent Design House, our team is the backbone of everything we do and we’re proud of their accomplishments. We’ve had a range of new starters joining us recently and we’d like to introduce two of them today.

Engineering and Business Development Manager, Mohammed Farid

Mohammed Farid has joined IDH as our Engineering and Business Development Manager. Mohammed is a MMUP/UPDA GRADE-A Construction Professional 

with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering focused on Properties of Building Materials & Temporary Works.

With a strong career history of engineering and managing projects for formwork, scaffolding, shoring, and access for construction, industrial, oil and gas sectors, his experience allows him to tailor-make solutions that are both technically and commercially viable for clients and end-users.

Mohammed has also successfully built and managed teams of qualified and dedicated engineers, and consistently provides creative concepts and technical support for complex tasks that require innovative solutions, with the ability to align solutions according to business strategy.

Works Team Leader, Theodoros Gianneas

Theodoros Gianneas has joined our team as our Works Team Leader here at Independent Design House. He is an MSc-educated Civil & Structural Engineer with eight years of experience in both Greek and UK construction markets and has been involved in a variety of projects across Nuclear, Energy, Utilities, and Structures. Theodoros specializes in the design of scaffolds, formwork, falsework, working platforms, propping solutions, excavation supports, crane pads, and reinforcement stability.

Theodoros has gained experience through his work on a variety of projects in the construction market, his latest being the Hinkley Point C project as part of the Deny’s, Darchem’s, and Bylor’s temporary works team.

Although he is mainly responsible for all things design, he also has experience in coordination roles involving liaisons between suppliers, designers, and site, developing temporary works design briefs, and carrying out design checks.

We’re proud to welcome both Mohammed and Theodoros onto the team and we know both can’t wait to great cracking on new projects.

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