Independent Design House (IDH) and Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) sponsored training programme.

Central to our commitment to professional development is our ICE approved training scheme. We believe in providing our team members with a structured framework for growth, offering tailored mentoring and project experiences aligned with ICE’s stringent criteria for all grades of membership.

Chartered Engineer ‘CEng MICE’ Achievement – A Significant Milestone:

The journey of Wojciech Fijałkowski to become the first IDH employee to complete the training scheme and gain CEng MICE professional membership is a testament to the programme and exemplifies our commitment to developing our staff.

Wojciech Fijałkowski’s Insights:

  1. Why Pursue CEng MICE Following IDH’s ICE Mentoring Scheme? “Since the early stages of my career, I aspired to have my qualifications endorsed by the professional Institution of Civil Engineers. IDH provided an opportunity to continue this journey through its mentoring scheme and project opportunities that aligned with ICE’s CEng attributes. I worked diligently to achieve Chartered status and was equipped with the requisite tools to navigate the rigorous review process.”
  2. Challenges and Positive Features: “The process allowed me to adopt a new perspective on engineering, particularly in the context of sustainability. Recognizing the lasting impact, we, as engineers, have on the world around us underscored our responsibility to contribute positively. The most challenging aspect was maintaining consistent motivation to dedicate time weekly for compiling reports, and presentations, and undertaking the necessary research ahead of the review day.”
  3. Recommendation for Others: “I wholeheartedly encourage individuals in the industry to pursue professional qualifications. Bodies like ICE offer diverse opportunities, tailored to varying educational backgrounds and work experiences. It serves as an exceptional platform to assess one’s abilities against objective criteria, presenting a prime opportunity to elevate one’s career.”

Why Be Proud of Our ICE Membership?

Our affiliation with ICE demonstrates a commitment to excellence, ethical practice, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge. ICE provides us with a platform to contribute meaningfully to the future of civil engineering while maintaining our position at the forefront of industry advancements.

Independent Design House’s partnership with ICE and the achievements of professionals like Wojciech Fijałkowski underscore our steadfast dedication to the highest standards of professional development.

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