Scaffolding developments at IDH

This week, we’ve caught up with IDH’s Scaffold Team Leader, Mateusz Madej. Mateusz graduated in 2013 with an MSc in Civil Engineering. He joined IDH in 2016 after gaining experience in structural design in the Polish market. At IDH, Mateusz trained in the fundamentals of temporary works design, specialising in scaffold design before being promoted to Senior Design Engineer in 2020, and then to Scaffold Team Leader in 2021.

Complying with scaffolding regulations

IDH produces scaffold designs compliant with all relevant industry standards and we are proud to be a National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) member. We develop designs for all major system scaffolds such as LayherHAKI and Cuplok as well as traditional tube and fitting. We cover the whole of the UK with support from our offices nationwide and are also available for overseas projects from our sites in Europe, the Middle East and America.

It is important to ensure all scaffolding works comply with the latest regulations and standards. Mateusz, Scaffold Team Leader at IDH Poland, explains:

By using the latest CAD, frame analysis and wind loading analysis software that complies with the latest codes of practice, IDH can produce accurate and detailed design drawings and calculations for scaffolding, falsework and formwork. It’s all about safety, we need to make sure that temporary structures for access, lifting materials and other pieces of equipment are designed to make work on-site as safe and convenient as possible. All standards and guides we follow are designed to achieve this goal and limit any potential risks.”

Mateusz Madej

Staying up to date with relevant codes of practice

At IDH, we understand the importance of having thorough knowledge of all relevant codes of practice, scaffold design standards, and industry guidance including TG20:21, BS 5975 and BS EN 1991. Every new designer at IDH is trained in the fundamentals of TG20 as familiarising with such documents is crucial to the industry. Our team monitors these documents for any changes or updates, an example being the update to TG20:21 that occurred last year. Besides formal documents and guidelines, our team of experienced engineers thoroughly study designs for any potential issues that may occur and work to eliminate them.

No job is too big

IDH offers services that are incomparable to other construction companies by ensuring designs are constructed to perfection and to the individual needs of each client. Mateusz adds:

We approach every new design individually. We try to gather as much information as possible, either by attending site visits or remotely – by sending sketches and lists of things to confirm. We are then able to produce a design that suits the individual site condition, meet client requirements, and deliver on time. We offer a wide range of scaffold designs, from simple façade access to very complex structures that require FEM software analysis and/or 3D models. I don’t remember any request for a design that we had to reply with ‘no, we can’t do it.’ “

On the horizon for IDH

IDH has been developing a very interesting and complex scaffold design on the Norman Shaw Buildings, Westminster. The team have been working on this particular project for over six months and are looking forward to continue supporting its growth and any further adaptations it may need. Another exciting project in the pipeline is working alongside one of the largest nuclear projects in the world! We are looking forward to having a team based on-site for a period of time as well.

What we offer

  • Site Meetings, Inspections and Surveys
  • Detailed Design Drawings and Calculations
  • Party Wall Designs
  • CAT 3 Independent Design Checking
  • 3D Design and BIM with Automated Equipment Scheduling
  • Network Rail and London Underground Approved Designs and Checks
  • Independent Advice
  • As-Built Surveys and Sign Offs

IDH covers the whole of UK, with support from all our offices. We are also available for overseas projects in Europe, the Middle East and America with support from our wider office locations and teams. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on our services or for a quotation for your scaffold project.